Georgios Dermentzis is a street photographer who focuses his passion and sensitivity to capture the interesting peculiarities of an urban Paris and those inhabitants who would be invisible to the common eye.

  His eyes are attracted by the people he sees on the street, who stimulate his emotions because of both their singularity and authenticity. He sees through their posture as well as their expressions and gestures the impact of our modern society.



  • 02/2020 – ART CAPITAL – Grand Palais Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 02/2019 – ART CAPITAL – Grand Palais Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 04/2018 – PARIS PROPERTY INTERNATIONAL Solo Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 02/2018 – ART CAPITAL – Grand Palais Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 10/2017 – NEXT-ART-EMOTION – Drouot Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 07/2017 – Rêve – SILENCIO Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 06/2017 – CATHARSIS – PIJAMA Gallery Solo Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 02/2017 – 5°SOAL (Salão d’Outono da América Latina) Collective Exhibition (São Paulo, Brasil)

  • 02/2017 – MIGRARTION–Espace Christiane PEUGEOT Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 06/2016 – Impressions of Paris – Wall Project ©AM Solo Exhibition (Paris, France)

  • 02/2016 – METROPOLITAN – Melkart Gallery Collective Exhibition (Paris, France)



  • 02/2019 – Bronze Medal (Salon de la Société des Artistes Français) ART CAPITAL–GRAND PALAIS  

  • 08/2016 – Honorable Mention International Photography Awards (IPA)

                          One Shot Competition "Family of Man", Category "Childhood"

  • 06/2016 – Honorable Mention Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)

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